Faceless but not forgotten

London, ON, Canada / 106.9 The X

The faceless doll project is bringing awareness to the 1200 missing and murdered indigenous women, one doll at a time.

Cr15321711_1295718740486384_1587971508_oeated by the Native Women’s Association of Canada, the traveling exhibit most recently made its first debut at Fanshawe’s campus along side the more well-known REDress Project. Student’s have been encouraged to create their own unique faceless doll to represent the over 1200 missing and murdered indigenous women in Canada.

“It’s more than just a statistic” say’s Chris Hannah, student success advisor in Fanshawe’s First Nations Centre. Hannah alongside Fanshawe Sexual Assault prevention advisor Leah Marshall have been running the booth, to bring awareness to the issue.

“They have no face because they represent any indigenes women….it could be a sister, a mother, a wife, a friend or a neighbour.” Says Santana Brideau, a 1st year business student and volunteer.

“We are letting students know that this is a very real issue and it is still happening in Canada.” Says Fanshawe student and volunteer Jenna Bjornson.
The project will be stopping at each of Fanshawe’s Campuses and will be displayed at Siskind’s gallery February 13th to 17th.

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