Keeping London roads safe

London, ON, Canada / 106.9 The X

In a typical winter season, approximately 35 000 tonnes of salt will be used to keep London roads safe.

“Londoners can expect we are monitoring the system, we are watching on a radar plus our weather stations we have around the city. We’ve already been in action now, we’ve anti iced the roads. We are just waiting for the snow to hit, and we will deploy equipment accordingly.” Says John Parsons, the managers of transportation and roadside.

John Parsons stands in front of a massive salt pile, located at the salt dome on Exeter Road. This dome holds approximately 8000 tonnes of salt.

Parsons says if anyone has concerns regarding road conditions, they can check out the City of London’s website to see frequently asked questions and concerns. The road maintenance call centre can also be reached at 519-461-4570.

The city of London is currently equipped with 68 pieces of road plowing equipment, 25 salt trucks, 41 side walk plows, and two anti-icing tankers.



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