Push for a Change route stops in London

London, ON, Canada / 106.9 The X

Joe Roberts and the Push for A Change foundation made a stop in London on Thursday night. Joe and his team stopped in at the new YOU building on Richmond street to speak on the topic of ending youth homelessness.  Joe is pushing a shopping cart across Canada to raise awareness of youth homelessness not just in Canada but the world.

Joe is a former homeless teenager, who transformed his difficult life to become a successful businessman. He has personally experienced the power of possibility thinking in the face of some of life’s biggest obstacles, and he is dedicated to sharing this possibility mindset with others who are going through their own challenges, through this walk across Canada. IMG_4111

Beginning May 1, 2016 in St. John’s, NL for 517 days ending in Vancouver, BC on September 30, 2017

Joe will walk, pushing a shopping cart over 9000kms through 10 provinces with visits to our 3 territories.

Joe is now heading back to north Ontario with stops in Woodstock, Hamilton, Brantford and North Bay just to name a few.

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