How social media is affecting our literacy

London, ON, Canada / 106.9 The X

Writing is an essential part of communication, but could it be at risk?

Social media continues to be integrated into everyday tasks, but there are concerns that it’s fragmented style of writing could be impacting future generation’s attention span and information consumption.

Whitney Hoth is an English professor at Fanshawe College who speculates on what may become of this growing trend.

He says that the supposed threat of technology is nothing new, however, instead facing every generation in some form or another.

“In the past, people were concerned about television, and people who only watched television, and what would that do to their writing and their reading,” Hoth says. “Well it had negative effects, if that was all they did.”

But Hoth also doesn’t wish to turn people off of social media.

He is confident that the key is maintaining a healthy balance between reality and the web.

“And it’s the same thing now. If there is a media, and that media becomes absolute for the user, then it’s restrictive,” says Hoth. “When it’s used appropriately, it’s a great thing.”
The growing discussion on what effects social media has on our society has succeeded in polarizing views, but the argument is far from over, so long as the internet continues to grow as an integral part of human life.

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