Putting the spotlight on celebrity obsession

London, ON, Canada / 106.9 The X

Almost everyone has a celebrity crush.

No matter who, for what reason, there are some features that draw us to put the famous on a pedestal for their abilities.

While it is perfectly healthy to like a certain celebrity, it is a different story when that admiration becomes obsession.

Dr. Kathleen Dindoff, a psychology professor at Fanshawe College, says that there are some reasons why a few fans can cross the line and develop a disorder.

“Maybe that is a way to reach out from personal social alienation,” Dindoff says. “I think when people have fairly solid attachments to their family and their friends, this is a lot less likely to happen. ”

Dindoff says the key is to stay in tune with reality.

She emphasizes that although celebrities show a certain face to the public, it is delusional to make false assumptions and fantasies.

“There are celebrities who are very famous for athletic skills or acting skills but it doesn’t make them a good person, or someone whose likely to be a best friend,” says Dindoff.
Dindoff points out that teenage girls are the most at risk for developing unhealthy obsessions with celebrities, but that anyone who has faced a traumatic experience could be prone.


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