Electric cars are no longer just for soccer moms

London, ON, Canada / 106.9 The X
Electric cars are no longer just for soccer moms

With over 20 brands and models on the market more Canadians are ditching traditional gas-guzzling cars than ever.

Some of the newest plug-in models to hit the market are budget-friendly Chevy Bolt and the splurge-worthy Tesla 3. Gone are the days that electric cars are reserved for eco-conscious parents– now more car ehnthusiastics are seeing the appeal of the new and improved electric cars.

Cara Clairman, who is president of Plug n’ Drive, says many buyers are surprised that they end up”really loving their cars” once they make the big switch to electric. Plug n’ Drive is a non-profit organization in Toronto that promotes the benefits of an ‘electric’ lifestyle.

Clairman boasts about how much money drivers can actually save switching to electric. Having an electric car herself, she saves about 400 dollars a year steering clear of gas stations. She also reminds drivers that electric cars aren’t more expensive than regular cars anymore– you can find electric cars in the $30,000 range. She says it’s a lack of knowledge in the past that has made these cars slow to gain popularity.

Another big reason why people are buying electric is to save the environment. Plugging in your wheels can cut emissions dramatically.

The Plug n’ Drive president also says the fear of running out of charge is no longer an issue. With seven new charging stations being added in the London area on top the current eight the city already has, electric drivers can don’t have to worry about draining their battery before they get to their destination.

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