Avoiding ticket scalpers

London, ON, Canada / 106.9 The X

Imagine your favourite artist is coming to town but the tickets sold out before you could get any due to ticket scalper bots.

Ticket scalper bots are automated software systems designed to scoop up tickets within milliseconds of going on sale to sell them for an inflated price on a third party website.

Corey Margolis, Assistant General Manager at Budweiser Gardens explains what they are currently doing to combat the issue.

“Our ticketing system has a lot of technologies that try to prevent against different bots. The problem is we can only detect them after the fact. It’s a work in progress always trying to find new ways to fight against the new technologies. Of course the individual person or fan who buys a ticket then goes on stubhub to sell them is harder to prevent.”

Sarah Webb is an avid concert goer and has both bought and resold tickets on a third party website and shares why she decided to resell.

“I tickets but I won more tickets then I would be using. I would never enter a contest to win tickets with the intention of selling them all and making a profit for myself. I resold the tickets at a price that was flexible and justifiable for the specific concert.”

A new app called Robin is being used by Canadian bands such as Arkells and July Talk to avoid ticket scalpers. Their mission is “we believe fans shouldn’t need dumb luck or a fat wallet to get tickets to their favorite events.”

With all the great artists coming to London in the New Year, Margolis wants to remind fans where to get authentic tickets.

Budweisergardens.com is the source for all our tickets. I encourage everyone to either come to the box office or go to our website to buy the tickets so we can make sure you get into the show.”


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