5 years of improv and supporting charities

London, ON, Canada / 106.9 The X

It started with an idea and a Kijiji ad…now 5 years later Shut The Front Door continues to strive while performing improv and raising money for local charities.

A member of the crowd participates with STFD co-founder Sam Tall and member Jim Kelly

The evening begins out with an introduction of the group, where they then commence to preform multiple acts involving games, most which involve crowd participation.

“Right out of the gates we wanted to be very community minded,” says co-founder of STFD Brandon Rudd. “The passion for wanting to preform improv was strong, and we felt that if we could raise money through that by just performing and having fun we wanted to focus on children’s charities.”

Within the last 5 years, the troupe has been able to raise 100 thousand dollars for various charities such as Stephenson’s Children’s Camp, Sebastian’s Superheros, SARITherapeutic Riding,  Defeat Depression, and London Youth Theatre Education.

Improv is defined as a form of theatre where most or all of what is performed is created on the spot. “Life is improv. That’s the most simple way to put it,” says STFD member Taylor Axford. “People think they can’t do it, or they think they don’t have the skills but everyone can improvise. It’s about being real and being in the moment.”

STFD can be found performing monthly at the London Music Club, as well as teaching improv with drop-in classes and courses to learn the art of improv.

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Sam Tall, co-founder of STFD laughs while watching his fellow performers

The troupe began with 6 members, but most recently they have expanded into a 2nd troupe Off the Hinges.

The group most recently preformed a 5th birthday spectacular with a sold out show at the London Music Club.

For more information on events and how to get involved, you can visit STFD’s website here.


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