Animal Therapy in London

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It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s Igor the Pug.


Courtesy of @IgorPugDog on Twitter

 The 9 year old dog is “London’s best secret” according to his owner, Tracey  Silverthorne.

However the word ‘secret’ might be used loosely, as Igor has a major social media following. With over 1800 followers on Twitter, and another 12000 on Instagram, Igor is certainly not hiding from the limelight.

He’s even been in an episode of CBC’s Murdoch Mysteries, and has his own IMDB page.


However he’s not just a cute face, he’s also a hard worker. Igor is a therapy dog for the St. John’s Ambulance Therapy Dog program in London.

The therapy program is available all across Canada, and Igor and other therapy dogs visit hospitals, schools, and senior residences to help patients and their families cope with their situation.

Silverthorn says the personal feeling you get when you see your dog bring joy to someone else is indescribable.

“It’s amazing…to see Igor light up a patient’s face is fantastic. You feel very proud of them.”


Igor patiently awaits a treat


Courtesy of @IgorPugDog on Twitter








Silverthorn says there are a few key traits a dog must have to be in order for them to be a therapy dog.

“They have to have a calm demeanor. They can’t jump on anything, they have to have no aggression whatsoever and be able to be pet anywhere.”

She also has advice to those who are interested in making their own dog or animal a therapy pet.

“Introduce them to the elderly at an early age. When you’re out on walks and see someone in a wheelchair, introduce your dog to them and see how they react. Get very familiar with people.”


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