King’s University College welcomes new students for winter term

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Although it’s cold in the Forest City, the hearts of students and faculty at King’s University College were warm as they welcomed new students for the second semester.

The affiliate college began the New Year with international students from France, Switzerland, Japan, China, Pakistan as well as students from across Canada.

“When I went to Japan, I was not fully aware of how a different a culture like Japan was from Canada,” Linda Weber, Manager for King’s International said. “It was a challenging time and an exciting time that made me aware of how important it is to have connections in the area.”

Students participated in an Orientation where they were able to attend lectures, meet with peers and their teachers as well as take a tour of the resources they will have available while they study at the school.

Dean of Students Joe Henry addresses the students joining King's community for the winter term.

Dean of Students Joe Henry addresses the students joining King’s community for the winter term.

“At the end of the day, King’s is about family. It is about community” Maggie Burton, Program Coordinator for King’s International said. “Whether you are an international student or a domestic student, you find your niche here.”

The students attended a social where they were able to bond with one another and meet some of the representatives on the King’s University College Student Council (KUCSC).

“The University is huge and there are many things to discover here,” Jacques Bizot, a second year student from France said. “I have met one guy from Columbia and another guy from Australia.”

The KUCSC has scheduled events throughout January to ensure that the new students are able to meet more of their peers while exploring the Forest City.

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