New police chat service is ready to take reports

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New police chat service is ready to take reports

London Police have started a new online interactive way for the public to communicate with London Police Officers.

Known as LPS Chat, this chat service allows people to live chat with an officer through the London Police Interactive website.

The new chat service was created as a way for people to report a number of non-emergency situations including: traffic complaints, vandalism, and lost property.  The public can also access LPS Chat for simple reasons like receiving advice from an officer.

Police have made LPS Chat available through; computer, tablet or smartphones making it an easier method of communication for people who are hearing or speech impaired.

“The Canadian Hearing Society has already expressed their support for this program and recognized that a need for such a service was needed here in London” Police said in a statement given out Monday.

The live online chat can be found under the LPS Chat option at


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