Student business partners with professional sports league

London, ON, Canada / 106.9 The X

Many hockey players have different techniques and methods to keep the stink out of their sweaty equipment and bodies. So one college duo from the London area has created a product that has taken off in the hockey community. “We created Clap Balm out of an idea that stemmed from boredom, really.” explains Dan Black, co-founder of Clap Balm.

This product is meant for your hands following a hockey game or any situation where your hands may have developed an unpleasant odour. Clap bomb creators Dan Black and Matt Laberge have created not only a product, but a culture that fits in with it. Laberge speaks on the importance of the support from the hockey community.

“I think what really resonates with our customers is that we haven’t just created a product but a whole culture. I like to believe people enjoy keeping up with our Instagram, Facebook to see where the product has gone and what famous athletes have bought into it.”

The duo has been at it with this product for over a year but just recently has signed a partnership with the Canadian Womens’ Hockey League. Black says that this partnership benefits both sides as the two entrepreneurs are really pushing for their product to be available to all hockey players, male or female.

And of course it’s nice to have a demand for your product, but can two young men who are still learning all the strings to business meet the demand for a product that has spread across the continent?

“At first of course we had our issues with being unprepared for the need for the product. I think once we sat down and said ‘okay, this is really gaining some ground’ we got things organized and haven’t had many issues since.”

Laberge also explains how time consuming the product is on top of all of his other responsibilities. “I’m in school going for my business degree, coaching a couple hockey teams and marketing and distributing our product all at once, it’s a lot to handle but when it’s something you enjoy it’s definitely more worth it.”

Clap Balm has expanded into many US states as well as across Canada. The deal with the CWHL is the first of what the duo hopes will be many successful business moves for their hot new product.

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