Prime Minister Trudeau calls Western the Harvard of Canada

London, ON, Canada / 106.9 The X

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was in London this evening, one stop on his tour across Canada asking Canadians about their issues and concerns.

Hundreds of Londoners lined up in advance all the way down Western Road braving the cold weather to connect with the Prime Minister in person.

The community showed their political enthusiasm with an overwhelming number of attendees for registration causing the venue for the question and answer period to change last minute.

Alumni Hall at Western University was filled to capacity with Canadians looking for answers from Prime Minister Trudeau.

The Prime Minister was able to speak one on one with citizens, including future politicians. At one point, Trudeau was answering a question from a student whom he thought was wearing a Harvard sweater.

The young man politely corrected Trudeau saying, “Mr. Prime Minister, it’s a Western sweater, not a Harvard sweater.”

Trudeau responded saying, “You guys know just as well as I do, Western is the Harvard of Canada.”

Prime Minister Trudeau spoke about his recent journeys across Canada and the messages he’s gathered. Trudeau sat down with a group of students from La Loche, Sakatchewan after the horrible incident that occurred there last year.

Prime Minister Trudeau said, “La Loche is a place that a year ago this month suffered a terrible tragedy, when a young person took the lives of some of his friends and then went to a school and caused some more tragedy.”

One young man from La Loche, Jeremiah, spoke with Trudeau for quite some time, and the Prime Minister asked him, “Did he want me to bring a message to all of you?”

Jeremiah asked Trudeau to give a shoutout to a special girl in his hometown, which is the message seen in the video above.

Trudeau says he’s completing the tour to, “Explain some of our thinking and approach on issues that matter to you.” 

Issues such as climate change, caring for Veterans, education fees and mental health support were brought up in the town hall setting.

When responding to a young woman’s question about mental health support from the federal government, Trudeau brought up his mother and how she too is dealing with her mental wellness and working towards ending the stigma surrounding mental health.

Trudeau said, “We are going to change the face of mental health in this country” and provide real support to Canadians.

The Prime Minister was swarmed by Londoners after the short question period had ended.

Trudeau is headed back to Ottawa this weekend and will continue his tour through Canada shortly after.

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