LCBO Online Shopping Sales

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LCBO Online Shopping Sales

LCBO had launched their online shopping website in July. People can go to the website and order a variety of different alcoholic beverages.  Over the holidays, the LCBO company had seen a boost of sales.

Christine Bujold, is the Media Relations Coordinator. She expresses, what the benefits could be with online shopping. “The benefits to online shopping for customers who might be outside the GTA and maybe don’t have a very large store or a store without a lot of different product right at their fingertips or in their neighbourhood.”

Bujold likes to refer to online shopping as a “endless isle” meaning, you have products available that may or may not be at the store.

She also says, “There was an increase in sales with red wines, white wines and spirits”. Also adding, ” Customers are looking for something that will go with their celebratory dinner. A big bold red wine, is something that people are drawn to in the colder winter months.”

The online website will be looking to continue to grow the number of products that are available online. Bujold also adds, “they are still fairly new to the online platform”.

Home delivery typically takes 2-7 days.

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