What’s wrong with our water?

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What's wrong with our water?

30 years back individuals would have thought you were insane if you purchased costly bottled water as opposed to getting it from the tap. Nonetheless, from that point forward some brilliant marketers have persuaded billions of people that bottled water is better for you over faucet water with their advertising campaigns. Other than individuals have recently gotten lazier throughout the years, to the point that they can’t be bothered to get up and fill a reusable bottle, and rather simply go after another plastic one.

A local man is on a mission to show Londoners what they are actually drinking out of plastic bottles.

Greg Peterson of The Water Company spoke to us about why some people prefer his water over anyone else’s.

“I have around 6500 customers and there are three other people who offer this service in London who probably have around the same amount of costumers as I do. What i’ve learnt is that the customers here can’t stand the taste of regular tap water.”

Peterson provided a great image as to what buying his service is like.

“Essentially, all i’m doing is providing people with the cleanest water possible. The same way some people go to high end grocery stores for higher quality foods, I provide the same thing but for H20.”

Below to the left, Peterson shows us what his water looks like after it’s been filtered for a 2 month period. To the right is bottled water that has been filtered for the same amount of time.


With companies such as this one, it looks like London’s got safe water sources for the years to come. However, the final goal is far from achieved, as bottles of water are still being made, slowly but surely causing harm to our bodies and our neighborhoods. Greg, health officials and all H2O lovers will fight until the bottle is banned.

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