Looking ahead in the job market

London, ON, Canada / 106.9 The X

The current unemployment rate of London, Ont. is at 6.5%, while that isn’t totally bad, it’s not great either.

Michael Elliot, the Operating Partner of Express Employment said “the market for London is actually quite robust, we have a number of opportunities.”

Michael Elliot working on computer.

Michael Elliot working on computer.

Elliot notes that the demand for jobs is high in automotive companies and administrative jobs around London. Fanshawe College and Western University have a number of administrative desk jobs in need for people while London is the home to three different automotive manufacturers.

To get these types of jobs, Elliot explains that the employers are looking for the soft skills “a lot of employers are looking for the soft skills, those are dedication , commitment by showing up five days a week on time.”

Preston Lilly, a staffing consultant for Express Employment says “it’s beneficial to using social media to help get yourself out there and show off what skill set that you have.” Lilly would go to talk about how she would reverse search a particular skill set ¬†and most times than not, would find someone through social media “I like to use social media to find people suitable for a specific job by reverse ¬†searching through Facebook, which I think is the direction workplaces are trending towards, so it’s very important to make sure that you have all of your information posted, and keeping your profile clean and presentable.”


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