Methadone clinics continue to stir controversy

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Methadone clinics continue to stir controversy

Methadone, a drug that’s been stirring up controversy around London for the past few years now.

Many Londoners in recent years have been upset with the amount of Methadone clinics there are available in the city, and what areas they’re opening in.

In fact, a notion was set in London where New rules about the location of methadone clinics came into effect in March New clinics aren’t permitted within 300 metres of schools, pools, arenas and libraries, however the new rules don’t apply to clinics serving less than 40 patients.

I had the chance of speaking with Dr Martyn Judson, who spoke to us about addiction, methadone, and what the city is doing to prevent further issues

“Methadone must not be confused with methamphetamine, other wise known as crystal meth. Methadone is an opioid. It has a chemical structure very similar to heroin, morphine and codeine. And the reason methadone is used so often is because we deal it for replacement therapy. It is a drug that helps addicts recover from worse drugs and slowly work their way into sobriety.”

Moreover, Dr. Judson says that more clinics opening up isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

“It’s good for patients because it allows them to access methadone in a more readily fashion. However, the danger of having too many clinics is that some places give patients what they want, and not what they need.”

Finally, Dr. Judson clarifies why he is so supportive of the clinics.

“Saying that there are too many methadone clinics is no different than saying there are too many treatment clinics for diabetes. People have to understand that addiction is a disease, and therefore patients have a right to treatment. Most people that reject the clinics do it because of their own bias and prejudice. ”

Its safe to say that the clinic industry for methadone is expected to keep growing, only because we are not responding to its demand quick enough.

The quicker we help these people and supply them with the methadone they need, the less people we will have facing addiction.


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