Western University to implement safety initiatives around Talbot College

London, ON, Canada / 106.9 The X

Campus security services at Western University are starting the New Year by studying traffic flow and pedestrian safety around campus.

Sgt. Ryan Austin, in charge of the traffic management unit, says that specific changes are being planned for the Talbot College intersection.

“We are adding in some additional signage and we are working on the lightning system for the intersection to improve flow and safety,” Austin said.

Signage at the Lambton Drive curve.

Signage at the Lambton Drive curve.

As London’s population increases, Austin says more vehicles and pedestrians are on campus, which can raise safety concerns.

Adjacent to the intersection, special constables and the school are looking address the “curve” on Lambton Drive.

“We are working through engineering to see what we can do,” Austin said. “There has been some suggestions about some jersey barriers there [and] reworking the sidewalk to push it out further from the roadway.”

Currently, speed limits have been reduced to 20 Km/h to prevent people from turning the corner fast.

Austin says the initiatives are not expected to be developed until spring.

Western University and campus security services are continuing to examine other areas

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