New garbage limits tough on students

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New garbage limits tough on students

When you’re taking out the garbage this week, make sure you know how many containers you’re using.

Starting this week, fourth containers will no longer be collected by the City of London. After learning that over 90% of residents don’t use the fourth can, city officials decided to implement the new regulation to reduce waste.

A garbage container is defined as either a single plastic or metal container, or a garbage bag, filled with smaller bags. Containers must be under 44 pounds, and between 30 and 125 litres in size.

A 4-month grace period came into effect in September, where fourth containers were discouraged, but still collected. Now, that’s no longer the case.

For most Londoners, it shouldn’t be a huge problem. But for the students I spoke to, it creates a real issue.

“Obviously it’s frustrating,” said Western student Anuj Jain.

“I understand it from the environmental perspective, but to have 5 students in my house who are all responsible for their own garbage, it is quite difficult to have to manage it down to 3 containers now.”

For those who feel the same, tags can be purchased from 10 retailers across London. They cost $1.50 each, and they must be visible on all fourth containers in the city.

The retailers include community and optimist centres, 4 EnviroDepot locations, as well as City Hall.

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