Western USC elections in full swing

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[President Eddy Avila stresses the importance of why it’s important to vote in the upcoming USC election.]

Western University student council elections are in full swing, with three new slates running to take over the head of the USC.

President Eddy Avila and his sidekick, Vice President Jamie Cleary, are ready to hand their hats off to whoever will be crowned the winners come February 1, 2017. Team DiBrina, Team Tobi, and Team Jan/Mohammed are all in the running to take their places.

Official campaigning began on Monday, however the buzz around campus seem to be pretty low-key so far.

The importance of student voter participation is something that often gets left the dark, and the voter turnout is never as high as it’s hoped for each year. Getting the word out is key, and there are several events to help you get to know your candidates better to make an informative decision, come election day.

“Half of the battle is just recognizing the amount of money each student pays,” says USC Programs Officer Allie Adamo. “Once students recognize the financial responsibility that the USC has, I feel like they would come forward and help us make decisions and want to vote. Even if you think we haven’t touched you, we probably have, through the bus pass or the health plan, whatever it may be.”

President Eddy Avila says that it’s simple “when it comes down to it, the only people who will ever have the best interest of students in mind, are students.” He says Western students don’t see themselves as “one person” making a change, however each vote counts. Voter participation shows enthusiasm for change and engagement to want to be involved in the changes to come for the following year.

Western TV Live, a student-run talk show, will take place on Monday Jan. 23, for a Q & A style interview session with each slate. The event will take place in the Western Spoke and each team will be put in the “hot seat” to answer questions from the hosts, as well as the crowd. This is an initiative for Western students to get to know each team a little better, something that’s hard to do by simple word of mouth.

Following the talk show, will be the official debate night, on Tuesday Jan. 24 at 7 p.m. All slates will be put up for question, against one another, preaching why they would make the best candidates for your new 2017-2018 USC executives.

Once students have made up their minds on who would make the best candidates, they will be given the opportunity to vote during the official polling dates on Jan. 30 and 31. These dates are to vote for your USC President & Vice President, Faculty Presidents, and Faculty Councillors.

All winners will be announced on February 1, 2017 at 5:30 p.m. in The Spoke.


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