Wine and Food Show

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Wine and Food Show

Inside the Metroland Media Agriplex, a variety of different food services, wineries, and craft beers are showcasing their tasty products.  The show is a fun and educational way for Locals to get to know the variety of small town products that are on display. Gram Geffen is the owner of Ye Olde Fudge Pot. He says what he is looking forward to during the show. “I hope people can learn about the wonderful selection of flavours that we have with our fudge.”

The fudge is produced with all natural ingredients and cooked in copper kettles. Geffen also adds he is excited to network with different retailers coming to the show.

Endless selections of brewery stands are at the show. For Matt Perry, a sales manager for Moosehead Breweries says what brings his company to the show.  “More than anything its a chance to showcase brands to the public. Also,  a chance to interact with other bars, foods and exhibits here.”

He also adds its a great networking tool for Sale Managers like himself.

“We try to reach the customer on a personal level. A lot of times someone will come to a restaurant, or bar but they aren’t too sure what to order.  This gives us a chance to talk about each of the brands that we are representing.”

The Fanshawe College stand can be seen near the far corner in the building, displaying their signature colour red. Lots of stands are placed around the area with live music as well. Devin Robinson is the Recruitment Manager at Fanshawe College. “At Fanshawe College we are a large part of the community events. We chose this opportunity to showcase what Fanshawe College is about.”

Robinson also says he hopes people can see the amazing talent that some of the students bring at the show.

The Wine and Food Show will be running until Saturday, January 21st.


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