Canada’s first vegan eatery girlling up London

London, ON, Canada / 106.9 The X
Canada's first vegan eatery girlling up London

What started off as an alternative eatery at London’s Ribfest has become a staple restaurant in the downtown core.

Globally Local, a completely meat-free, dairy-free and animal byproduct-free restaurant, has landed in London, branding itself Canada’s first vegan restaurant.

James McInnes, founder of Globally Local, regularly serves up to 300 customers looking for a lunch fix since the restaurant’s opening on Christmas Eve. Nearly 90 per cent of avid-vegan foodies coming into the store aren’t even vegan, he said.

“Our whole goal is to take things that are beloved to our memories, things that we grew up… all those indulgent foods that we’re used to and… we’re veganizing them,” he said. “Our number one criteria is that it has to taste as good or better as the original and it has to be on about the same price points.”

Inspired by its infamous fast-food competitors, Globally Local takes on a healthier twist to a classic menu. The downtown eatery at 252 Dundas St., includes double cheese burgers, bacon breakfast sandwiches, onion rings, and an endless amount of familiar additions.

Paul Douglas, a first time customer, has been a vegetarian or 21 years. He says the taste of the vegan patties is uncanny in comparison to what he grew up with.

“Excellent,” he said.  “The burger tastes a lot like that one with the (arches). I remember that taste… and it’s very close here.”

Globally Local’s patties are made from minced chickpeas, breadcrumbs, and vegetables, held together with flax flour.

Devon Muschalle has been working at the grill since the restaurant’s opening. A vegan himself, Muschalle wouldn’t consider another lifestyle.

“I used to have really bad asthma and ever since I stopped (eating meat and dairy products), I never had to take my puffer again,” he said. “I’ve never looked back.”

Globally Local has garnered up to 15, 000 followers on social media, and intends to physically expand across the nation.

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