Foodies at Fanshawe

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Who doesn’t love food? More to the point, what’s there not to not like? People who make their living off of creating food for others: We salute you.

The Tourism and Hospitality program at Fanshawe College hosts a variety of career paths and choices, including aspiring chefs.

Cam Anderson is the Manager of the School of Tourism & Hospitality Food Services.

saff-2Anderson is a respected chef himself. From working for private country clubs, to Michelin star rated restaurants, Anderson knows the way around a kitchen. Since 2005 Anderson has held this position at Fanshawe, and says he wants to contribute back to the world of cooking.


“I feel like we’re headed towards a cookie cutter world, and I want to change that.”

He adds that you have to be a special person to make it in cooking.

“It takes a lot of determination and practice. (People) underestimate cooking. There’s a lot of biology, math and science involved. You’re messing with temperatures and heat, so of course there is.”

The students at Fanshawe run Saffron’s, an on campus restaurant that offers the only real dining option without leaving school grounds. They also run Around The World’s Table, a mini store full of breakfast foods and drinks, and a deli where you can purchase delicious sandwiches.

The program offers these outlets to allow students to practice cooking through trial and error.

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