King’s University College welcomes students from Kangnam University

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King’s University College is giving a group of South Korean students from Kangnam University a taste of what it is like to be a Canadian.

“We have been partners for 18 years,” Marilyn Mason, Vice-Principal of Enrollment Services and Strategic Placement said. “We send students and faculty back and forth.”

Mason says the program is designed to allow students to study abroad and experience different cultures around the world.

“When the students arrive, they know we want to learn about their culture as much as they want to know our culture,” Kendra Hardy, King’s International Winter Programs Coordinator said.

Kangnam University students practice bowling.

Kangnam University students practice bowling.

Approximately 30 students from Kangnam are currently participating in the program.

Kendra says many of the students have an interest in moving to Canada or studying Canadian History.

On Friday, the students tried out bowling at had dinner at Fleetway.

“Some of them have not bowled before and some of them are really good,” Elena Nardozzi, King’s Assistant Program Coordinator said. “They are all really bonding and enjoying it a lot.”

However, the students from Kangnam University are expected to return to South Korea in February.

At the beginning of the month, the school is preparing a culture festival to allow the students to showcase their culture through food and performances.

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