The truth about cough medicine

London, ON, Canada / 106.9 The X

Old man winter takes a toll on Londoners making them sick. One of the bad symptoms of many viruses is the nagging cough.

Over the decades their has been many different remedies to cure the cough but rarely have any success rate.

The cough itself is just a reflex. It happens when your airways are clogged or not clear and your body tries to clear the airway by coughing, which is performed by muscles in your chest.

Doctor Michael Rieder, a professor at Western University who majors in pediatrics, explains that cough syrup isn’t all that it’s cracked out to be “I know in kids, it doesn’t work at all. In adults, some cough medicine works some of the time.”

Dr. Rieder would continue on why children shouldn’t take cough medicine “there is no real evidence it works at all,  and can be harmful.”

But what should you do to kick the cough to the curb? “The best thing you can do is just let your body rest and relax, but you are going to to be taking medicine to get better, you have to know what your treating first” says Dr. Rieder.

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