Women’s March Attracts Hundreds in Downtown London

London, ON, Canada / 106.9 The X

Hundreds gathered in Victoria Park on Saturday to rally and promote women’s rights in wake of President Donald Trumps inauguration. Many in the crowd, including men and children, wore pink hats which is the symbol of the movement.

During the rally there were spoken word pieces that were shared, chants, drumming and women who have been sexually abused stood up and shared their stories with the crowd.

Victoria Park on Saturday

Victoria Park on Saturday

Rachel Johnson brought her entire family with her to the rally and she explains why she was there, ” Were here today to stand up for women’s rights. ┬áTo take a stand against Donald Trump and the way he mis treats women. We don’t appreciate the way he comments about women and how poorly he treats women.”

Many of the speakers took shots at the billionaire-turned-politician, while others in the crowd carried signs denouncing his controversial statements.

After the speakers were done, everyone gathered and marched down richmond street before returning to Victoria Park to finish the rally.

Over 1000 cities world wide gathered and held rallies. Over 200,000 people gathered in Washington DC to promote women’s rights.


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