Western a party school no more?

London, ON, Canada / 106.9 The X

The party rankings are out, and Western University is NOT the top party school no more.

western-partyMaclean’s magazine surveyed thousands of students enrolled in Canadian universities across the nation to find out what school is at the top based on the average of how many hours a week students spent partying.

Western was ranked 9th out of 47 schools with a party average of 4.29 hours a week, just about 4 hours short of top ranked school St. Francis Xavier University with an average of 8 hours.

Delta PSI’s (a western frat house) President Bobby Beamish laughs off the ranking “I think it’s kinda one of those things to me that you see a lot of that stuff float out there, at least 3 times a year you see a different ranking and sometimes Western is close to the top and others not.”

However, not being the top ranked school was the biggest disappointment, as Beamish explains that being ranked below Queen’s University (3rd place) was worst “the rivalry between us definitely runs deep, a lot of people were probably upset because whether it’s a good or a bad thing, we want to be better than Queens.”

But frat President Beamish says Western isn’t just a party school “even when I applied to Western back in high school, Western always had a prestigious feel to it.”

It also doesn’t help that students need to pay more attention on how they behave out in public when they are partying with social media making sure everything get’s posted to the public “you definitely got to be more aware, you don’t want any bad photos tied to you when looking for a job” said Beamish.

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