Let’s talk about how Bell employees feel about their company

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Clara Hughes, #BellLetsTalk Ambassador.

Clara Hughes, #BellLetsTalk Ambassador.

Today marks the 7th annual #BellLetsTalk day.

A day to encourage people around the world to talk about mental health and raise funds for mental health initiatives.

Let’s talk about Bell as a company.

Do Bell employees feel comfortable in their own workplace to speak about their mental wellness?

Andrea Salaniuk, Corporate Liaison & Small Business Sales Representative of Bell, says “I’ve worked for Bell for over a year and I can confidently say it’s been the best company I have ever worked for.”

Bell Media launched their social media campaign to start the discussion about mental health and to end the stigma associated with it.

Salaniuk says, “Despite the negative stereotypes that may be associated with such a large company, I can truly say I believe they care about each of their employees. If I was struggling with a mental illness, like so many people do, and I did need to take time off to focus on myself and getting better, I am sure my boss would not only support me but do everything in his power to make sure I was getting the help I need.”

Salaniuk explains that Bell tries to lead by example. The company has adopted Standard and Psychological Health and Safety in the workplace.

Many people criticize the company each #BellLetsTalk day saying that mental health exists every other day of the year and speaking about mental health issues and initiatives for only one day doesn’t help those who are struggling.

Salaniuk says Bell works towards creating the conversation about mental health year-long, “Bell promotes awareness and works on strategy that includes 4 pillars: anti-stigma, care & access, workplace health and research. So although #BellLetsTalk is only technically one day a year, Bell stands by and continues the conversation surrounding mental health 365 days a year.”

Some ambassadors for #BellLetsTalk include Howie Mandel, Clara Hughes & Michael Landsberg.

Every year on this day Bell devotes 5 cents to every social media interaction that includes the hashtag #BellLetsTalk.

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