Western University’s Board of Governors put BRT plan in motion

London, ON, Canada / 106.9 The X

Western University’s Board of Governors are moving forward with plans for a bus rapid transit route through campus.

A piece of the new route on Lambton Drive. Photo via Google Maps.

A piece of the new route on Lambton Drive. Photo via Google Maps.

The plan is to have buses come off of Richmond Street and travel to Lambton Drive using University Drive before heading towards Windermere Road.

“We financially support the transit system,” Chairman Hanny Hassan said. “The students get the benefit of that service and it is critical.”

After reviewing assessments for various routes, Lambton was found to be the most mobile while ensuring pedestrian safety on campus.

“Projects of this size and complexity, you don’t have the answers when you start out,” Hassan said. “There is still a lot of open questions. The city does not have its funding yet.”

The university and the city are continuing to review plans for the BRT system.

“We still don’t from this know how the transit system will interact with the rest of travel on campus and this is something beyond campus as well,” Hassan said.

Mayor Matt Brown says that the city wants the implementation to be a win-win for both parties.

The mayor says this project is the biggest initiative to be taken on in London.

“This particular plan is not that far away in the future,” Hassan said. “It could be 25 years.”

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