Food For Thought Gala tackling food justice issues

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It’s a night to rethink your food.

EnviroWestern is hosting a Food For Thought Gala to show people that food and the environment go hand in hand. It’s a chance to dine while learning more about fair trade,¬†food sustainability¬†and food waste from a number of guest speakers.

Elizabeth Ellis from EnviroWestern explains that the evening will allow you to put yourself in someone else’s shoes.

“When students arrive they’re going to get a piece of paper that says they’re either in the working class, middle class, or upper class. Depending on what class they’re in, the food will be different and they’ll have to sit in different areas with the other people in their class.”

By experiencing it in this way, EnviroWestern member Christine Yen hopes people will see the environment impacts all aspects of our lives.

“It shows that environmental issue tie in with every other global issue. Food insecurity isn’t just an economic instability it’s related to the environment as well.”

They say the goal is to get people thinking that we need to work with the environment rather than exploit it for our own gain to hopefully encourage everyone to make lifestyle changes.

Ellis says, “it shows that we on campus can make small or big changes together. If we as a group make changes it may influence bigger leaders to think that this is an issue they should also be taking on.”

The gala takes place at The Wave in the University Community Centre on February 2nd. Tickets are $10.

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