Indigenous reflections through local lens

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Indigenous reflections through local lens

Strength, resilience, and perseverance – it’s what the Warrior Womyn of London want to showcase to the city.

The Reclaiming Our Identity exhibition at the Museum of Archaeology features creative works by up to 11 indigenous women in the community. They were given camera equipment to photograph snapshots of their lives to share on social media platforms.

Summer Thorpe is the program coordinator for Positive Voice, a local employment and education social services agency hosting the exhibition. Thorpe’s the mastermind behind the gallery that initially launched as a pilot project.

“This exhibition is very frank, it’s very open, and it’s very honest,” she said. “The women have the (opportunity) to share what it is like to be a modern urban aboriginal woman.”


The pieces showcase the trials women face with regards to representation and identity, in hopes of challenging the representation of indigenous women in Canada.

Year after year, Thorpe recognizes the importance of sharing stories of positivity, following negative representatives of indigenous women in media.

“When it comes down to it, we’re all human,” she said. “Even though we may use different labels to identify ourselves, we may have different heritage and culture, a lot of the concerns that they’re sharing are very legitimate concerns.”

A walk through the gallery exposes the issues regarding mental health support, social service programs and indigenous women representation.

The exhibition at the Museum of Archaeology in northwest London, runs through to March 28.

Proceeds from the $5 entry and postcard sales go toward the Positive Voice social services fund.

Warrior Womyn - Reclaiming Our Identity

Museum of Archaeology

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