The importance of food safety

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After an outbreak of Norovirus at a Humber College residence, many people were thinking it was caused by a false knowledge of food safety training which the sickness was originally thought to be due to food poisoning. This has led to concerns from both Fanshawe and Western on how they are preparing food safety in their schools.

The manager of food safety at the University of Western, Barry Russell says that the school really implements food safety training to all of its employees in residences and catering services, ” We do a lot of training for our staff. The majority of our staff is trained in food handling in a certificate process. We also have an outside auditing company that inspects our school 3 times a year.”

Russell also knows that the scare over at Humber College is bringing a bigger concern to the school but Russell knows that they have preparations on preventing something like this to happen at Western, ” We prepare by insuring our staff are trained. All of our touch services such as tongs, door knobs, and fridge handles are cleaned twice a day. Hand washing is  extremely important in any food outlet and the major part of our food safety program is hand washing.”

Western University has 31 restaurants which includes 7 residence buildings, in addition to catering services, and variety of food franchises through out campus.

General safety food tips that the Public Health Agency of Canada issues people to practice and learn are   to Keep cold foods cold at or below 4 degrees celsius, Place raw meat, poultry and seafood in containers on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator, Wash fresh fruits and vegetables before eating them, clean counters and cutting boards and wash your hands regularly.

It’s necessary to learn about food safety handling. One mistake in the kitchen can put someone into the hospital so food agencies in both post secondary schools advise to learn how to properly handle food with safety guides shown at the school. If you spot anything wrong with your meal, file a report or contact the food safety departments in the school you attend  for them to be aware of issue to address. Also if you are starting feel ill and start experience any symptoms from food, you are asked to seek medical attention as soon as possible.

Importance of Food Safety

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