London Stands With Muslims

London, ON, Canada / 106.9 The X

A group of hundreds crowded the front steps of the London Muslim Mosque to show their support in response to the deadly shooting at a Quebec City mosque Sunday night.

Many carried signs, cars passing by honked in support, and the crowd began singing O Canada to send a message that this nation is one that welcomes people from all different backgrounds.

People of all different faiths and backgrounds were there, something spokesperson for the London Muslim Mosque, Nawaz Tahir, says is inspiring.

“It tells us that love will always triumph over hate. The fact that so many people came together on such short notice in the middle of the day to be with us and stand in solidarity speaks louder than any other words or actions of hate.”

Tahir says to make a change, we must stand together.img_3181

“We’re lucky to live in London. We have a great community around us, we saw that today. It’s always on all of us, regardless of race, religion or culture, to stand up against empty political rhetoric and to stand up to the politics of hate.”

Prayers were shared, as well as messages from the London Police, London MPs, and Mayor Matt Brown who said¬†he is “proud of the community and the London mosque is a safe and welcoming place.”

Another vigil will be held on Wednesday at Victoria Park from 6:00pm-8:00pm organized by Muslim Youth in the community.

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