What would Kevin O’Leary mean for Canada

London, ON, Canada / 106.9 The X

On January 18th of this year, Canadian businessman and investor Kevin’ O’Leary announced he will be running for the federal Conservative Party leadership  which in the Political spectrum has started to become a trend with TV Celebrities running for office such as Donald Trump.  If Kevin O’Leary wins the conservative leadership and heads the 2019 election, what would he mean for Canada?

After all, not a lot of platforms have been announced yet by the candidate but the TV Celebrity has been mainly insulting the liberal leadership not only in the federal level with Justin Trudeau but also the provincial level of Kathleen Wynne’s Ontario government with O’Leary’s main goal to eradicate all of Justin Trudeau’s policies including the carbon tax.

For Randy Scott, a conservative supporter believes that O’Leary is the candidate that the party needs, ” I think Kevin O’Leary is an excellent candidate for the Conservatives. I think that changes are very necessary especially with the economy where in right now. He definitely says how it is and i’m looking forward to him in the Conservative leadership race.”

Scott also loves the honesty that Mr. O’Leary will bring to politics, ” What politician has been honest? There hasn’t been one. We need someone for the people, they say how it is and O’ Leary is an excellent candidate.”

However for Darren Chapman, a professor of economics at Fanshawe College, thinks that Kevin O’Leary running for politics is an absolute joke,

” My opinion is that it’s a gongshow, it’s reality television. Kevin O’Leary has never held public office and O’Leary feels that governments should be run like businesses and that they can be run efficiently. The thing is governments are not businesses and just as individuals are not a businesses. There are certain aspects that mirror a business but businesses try to maximise profits and governments provide goods and services that generally which individuals or private companies will not offer to the market.”

For now we must wait till May 27th of this year to see if Mr. O’Leary shocks the Conservative Party and wins the leadership election to see if he can or cannot be the boost this country needs.

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