Taekwondo legend makes a stop in London

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Taekwondo legend makes a stop in London

It’s not every day that you get to meet your hero.

But that is the very experience students of Oakridge Taekwondo were granted with the visit of a special guest.

First Grand Master Rhee Ki Ha, the world’s leading professional for Taekwondo, made a stop in London following a black belt seminar in Oakville, ON.

Rhee was trained by the founder of the martial art, General Choi Hong Hi, as a first generation student.

Now 78 Rhee, has progressed through levels of Taekwondo to become a 9th degree black belt, or the highest obtainable degree.

While visiting, Rhee asked the class of eager students to demonstrate their abilities in coordination and power.

Following the student’s show, Rhee was happy to demonstrate a bit of punching technique of his own.

Rhee’s visit served as more than a publicity stunt, however.

Despite broken English, he wanted to inspire the students to keep up the craft, pointing out that one’s learning is never truly complete.

His parting words were and echo of his master, speaking to the longevity of such a martial art as Taekwondo.

“Life is short; art is long.”

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