Humans are to blame for attracting predators to London

London, ON, Canada / 106.9 The X

We live in a society today that for the most part live in cities, away from all the wildlife out in nature where the dangers of running into a potentially deadly animal are slim to none. Even though we are separated from most nature here in our concrete jungles, we humans still interact with wildlife, but in a much different way from taking your average camping trip.

What we deal with here in London is known as urban wildlife. Urban wildlife is basically animals that live in cities. It’s common for Londoners to run into racoons or squirrels in your garbage or maybe a skunk near your property.

While most animals here in London cause no problem for most people, from time to time animal-human conflict is not uncommon in cities.

“Most of the troubles that we see with wildlife are troubles that Human’s create themselves,” Said Brian Salt Founder of Salthaven Wildlife Centre. “The reason why most people usually run into wildlife in the city is because they have food or garbage that the animals can access.”

While most animals who take food and garbage are harmless, here in London there is a chance of attracting predators. Animals like coyotes and grey horned owls have been known to be common around the city.

These types of animals are usually non-aggressive towards humans, but they have been known to eat smaller dogs, cats and other small rodents.

“It’s like this, you take the food away, the problem goes away it’s as simple as that.” He said.

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