Sliver of hope through student reflection series

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Sliver of hope through student reflection series

A Western University club is offering a safe space for discussion following a slew of racially-motivated incidents in North America.

The Muslim Student’s Association is holding a bi-weekly discussion series regarding topics such as the U.S. president’s controversial travel ban and coexistence of different faith groups.

Yawer Ali, discussion series leader, says the discussion angles began shaping toward the political scope following Donald Trump’s order that banned the entry of refugees and visitors from seven mainly Muslim nations.

“You begin to sort of question your place to an extent…,” Ali said. “it doesn’t necessarily make sense and it does speak to the idea of banning an entire faith group and I think moving forward it could increase. (There’s) no telling if it could pivot to more countries or forms of extreme vetting.”

Unlike the ban that affects potential students hoping 16650857_10154667703649130_1538393412_oto come into America for educational purposes, Ali is glad Canada is on the safe side – for now, he said.

“Education is something that should remain apolitical… you’re killing a lot of potential because everyone is involved,” he said.

A discussion series held for next Thursday is set to focus on a reflection of recent Canadian incidents affecting Muslims.

Last month, six Muslim men were shot in Quebec City at the Islamic Cultural Centre of Quebec City. Up to 10 others were critically injured from the 50 that were present during evening prayers.

Despite the shooting taking place within a heated political sphere, Ali is glad to see Canadians banding together in solidarity.

He says people should reflect on the American policies being implemented, and more on beyond their grievances. However, change beings with introspection and deeper reflection.

Sliver of hope through student discussion series

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