Chili for Child Reach

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Patrons enjoying their chili and soup to raise funds for Child Reach

The kids are alright.

Child Reach is a non-profit organization in London that helps parents and young families through a variety of workshops and drop in playgroups for free.

They offer a wide array of  classes such as Cafe Mom that includes no children just mothers connecting to other mothers in a positive, judgment free environment.

Or Little Counters where parents are taught how to incorporate number learning in their child’s play through song and dance.

Nadine Reeves is the communications and marketing coordinator at Child Reach for the past 13 years,  and says she’s no stranger to the organization herself.

“When I first started working here I had a one year old…so I was using the services as a parent as well as [being here everyday] as part of the staff.”

Reeves adds that the extra support to a family or parent goes a long way.

“We know parenting is hard work and it’s the most important job that we’ll ever have and do, and we’re here to help- for free.”

She says there is more than just a couple of workshops to help address every need.


Entrance to Child Reach

“We [offer] free parenting workshops on sleep, toilet training, infant massage, raising resilient children, temper tantrums. Anything you are going to come across in terms of parenting and child development we will offer a workshop on that.”

Every year Child Reach hosts a chili and soup luncheon as a fundraiser for the center. The minimum donation is $8 but the majority of attendees tend to give more than that.

The staff at the center make their own kinds of chili and soups and some bring in baked goods for dessert such as brownies or cupcakes.

“This is the 12th year we’ve ran the soup and chili lunch. Every year it gets a little bit bigger…We just invite all of our friends, our neighbours, our families, and we offer all you can eat soup and chili.” Reeves said.

img_3555Reeves says they help around 100 families a day, and that London is a great place to live for young families.

“We have a big family center service system meaning…the stuff we are providing you can also find in possibly a neighbourhood school.”

Child Reach is just another example of an organization fueled by good people helping those who need a hand in the forest city.

Soup’s on!




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