Uber fights to stay in the Forest City

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Uber fights to stay in the Forest City


The popular ride-sharing app known as Uber is threatening to leave London.

If Councillors vote to enforce a camera installation bylaw next week the Forest City could be Uber-less.London would be the first city in the world to drive the well-known ride-sharing application out of their city.

Chris Schafer, Uber Canada’s Public Policy Manager, is certain that Uber is a safe service that does not need cameras in their cars as an added regulation.

The drivers have ample information about passengers, and vice versa, prior to a trip. There’s even a feature on the application so that loved ones can follow their family members to their destination through a GPS system on the app.

Schafer is confident that Uber will continue to grow popularity within London and other cities across the world,  “If you offer a service that is not only safe, but is more affordable and more reliable, people are more inclined to take that service more often than they would have other services.”


Uber has created an online petition to fight to stay in the Forest City.


Schafer explains, “There are over 9000 Londoners that have signed that petition to send a message to London Council that they support Uber, they see the value of Uber’s continued existence and operation in London and they don’t support the requirement for cameras.”

Uber affects many Londoners he adds, “Close to a thousand Uber driver partners rely on Uber and driving on the Uber platform to supplement their income. There’s tens of thousands of riders across the city of London that use Uber regularly as well.”


City Council will have their final vote on the ride-sharing issue next Tuesday on February 14th.


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