Exploring motivation behind violent attacks

London, ON, Canada / 106.9 The X

A dangerous attack at a mosque in Quebec City has suspect Alexandre Bissonette in question of what his motives really were.

Dr. Scott Veenvliet of Fanshawe College says it is usually a long and difficult process to determine motives. “To understand motives, can take weeks, months even. It really all depends on the situation and given attack.”

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and others have publicly stated this as an act of terrorism, though reports say it is unlikely terror sentences will be laid.

Veenvliet adds that often times these attackers convince themselves that a certain group of innocent people are seen as enemies. “These people overthink so much that they believe innocent people can be enemies or victims,” explains Veenvliet. “they think it’s justified because of their beliefs.”

Although Bissonette’s motives have not been proven to be terror-driven, the investigation is ongoing and has not come to a definite conclusion.

Suspect Alexandre Bissonette will appear in court next on February 21.

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