Will finding a job in the future be easy?

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Will finding a job in the future be easy?

The past few months haven’t been the greatest when it comes to finding a job. Stats Canada has revealed that the employment rate hasn’t gone up at all.

Stats Canada analyst, Vincent Ferrao says what month hasn’t changed. “For the month of January we have 246,600 people working. December was slightly more.“

Though the past 4 months of employment hasn’t been a great increase people may find themselves at the Service Canada Centre in London inquiring about jobs.

“The unemployment range has not change staying at 6.9 percent.”

More stats inquires can be found here.

However the good news, jobs in the service, financial, educational and real estate industry have found an increase in jobs. While other jobs in the manufacturing field have seen a decrease.

With the job average not increasing at all. This has put London into the highest city jobless rates in South Western Ontario.






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