The cultural impact of the Oscars

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The Oscars or also known as the Academy Awards is a yearly American awards ceremony to recognise excellence in cinematic achievements in the United States film industry with it being first introduced in 1929. The Oscars have saw films like Ben Hur, Titanic and the Return of the King dominate the night with the record amount of 11 Academy Awards but the Oscars have seen a lot of criticism including accusations of bias and a lack of diversity but the Oscars have and will always be a cultural impact and must watch in households.

After all, people love to watch the Oscars for the actors and actress nominated, the red carpet where people analyse the dresses and suits being worn by the film stars, and the potential gaffes and malfunctions that could be possibly made.

For 2nd year student at Fanshawe College, Troy Jones who takes the film studies course says that the Oscars are all about, ” It’s a great way to showcase movies and give the recognition they deserve.”


Last year’s Oscars saw a lot of controversy which included the wide spread use of the #OscarsSoWhite on twitter because of the lack of racial diversity amongst the nominees in major categories but Jones believes that it’s not about the colour of the skin  but why the film stars deserved their nominations, ” It seems deeply rooted in the American culture where there seems to be a lot more white actors, white singers and white entertainers in award show so I can see the criticism but I don’t really feel like it’s that big of a deal because if you make a good movie,  it does not matter what colour you are that you will get the recognition you deserve.”

This year, the Oscars are being hosted by comedian and late night television show host Jimmy Kimmel with the Film LA LA Land starting London born Ryan Gosling and American actress Emma Stone with the film being nominated by a rocking 14 nominations while other films such as Arrival and Moonlight proceeding with eight nominations.

The  89th academy awards take place on the 26th of February with the event being held at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood,California.

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