London Police stressing neighbourhood safety

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London Police stressing neighbourhood safety

Police are urging Londoners to take precautions even during broad daylight, after a recent sexual assault incident that has locals concerned.

“In the area of Dundalk Dr at Crawford St, a male approached a female who was walking her dog and assaulted her in a sexual manner,” says Cst. Jen McNab of the London Police services, “He’s described as a white man, 20 years old, 5’5, with a stocky build and dark beard.”

The midday incident has some suggesting the implementation of safety calling posts.

“Unfortunately there aren’t any of those in public areas,” says McNab, “Fanshawe and Western have those located on their campuses, and they’re regulated by their security there.”

While no further developments on installing safety posts in public areas have been announced, the incident may bring light to the idea.

In the meantime, Police are asking Londoners to come forward with any information they have regarding the incident.

“Practice due diligence,” says Cst. McNab, “The main way we find out about these incidents are from people coming forward to police and making the report. That’s the most important way for us to know about these incidents, to investigate them and to prevent any further offenses.”

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