London Police collaborate with community

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London Police collaborate with community

The latest London Police Services board meeting announced that there will be a collaborative effort between Police and the public to end discriminatory detention and create safer run-ins with police.

The terms “street check” and “carding” will no longer be referencing the collection of identifying information. The policy focuses on ensuring the end of arbitrary and discrimination, regardless of what the interaction is called.

“It means a lot to me,” says Lawyer Susan Toth who is among the initiative, “It means the process of building back some of that trust that was destroyed after some of the data and statistics came out, and it means we’re taking that proactive approach saying we’re not going to just sit down or sweep it under the rug, we’re going to tackle it and do it in a way that’s respectful and that asks the community to get involved as well.”

Mayor Matt Brown was among those that thanked Police Chief John Pare for all of his dedication to the much needed initiative.

The policy focuses on ensuring that there are no discriminatory punishments handed out on the streets and aims to build trust and confidence between police and the public.

“I don’t know a single other community that has done this, where they’ve taken that collaborative approach,” says Toth, “Where the community is actively involved in helping put together that policy and sitting together with the Chief, and coming together to present it in front of the board. It’s special.”

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