Changing temperatures altering road conditions

London, ON, Canada / 106.9 The X

The weather this month has been all over the place.

Roads have gone from bare, to snow covered, to wet, to pure ice. This has many drivers in London concerned for their safety and others’ safety.

Kelly Liescher works doing delivery service for her company back and forth to Windsor everyday, and says she is often very anxious on the roads when snow is blowing.

“I don’t think they do enough on the roads.” explains Liescher “I travel for work everyday and if the trucks haven’t been on the roads yet in the winter it’s not safe at all.”

But others believe it’s up to the driver to be careful, and if you don’t think it’s safe, don’t drive.

“If you think it’s too dangerous to be on the road then stay home.” says Don Spotting, a retired fire fighter. “And if you choose to go out and drive, simply slow down and be more aware of what other drivers are doing also.”

With the weather jumping from mild to freezing, and from sunny to snowy, it’s always important to be prepared to drive safe in all weather conditions.

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