National flag day hits London

London, ON, Canada / 106.9 The X

February 15th is Canada’s national flag day, In 1965 the red and white Canada flag was flown over parliament hill for the first time. ¬†2017 is Canada’s 52nd anniversary of the Canadian flag.

Covent Gardens in London was home to celebrations for flag day. People could come and visit pick up Canadian memorabilia such as flags, pins and much more.  More importantly though you can learn the history of the red and white Canadian flag and why it is so important to celebrate this day.canada

Randy Warden the Chairperson of London Celebrates London says why he’s proud to represent the red and white flag, ” The history of our flag and our nation is well respected all around the world, I don’t think many countries can say the same things.”

National flag day in London is a great way to share the passion you have for your country and celebrate what the Canadian flag stands for.

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