FSU election speech day

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FSU election speech day

Candidates presented speeches earlier today at the Forwell Hall as it was the Fanshawe Student Union election speech day.

All the candidates are running for a position in the 2017/2018 school year either for the board of governors, directors or president of the student union.

There are 3 candidates running for president in two current FSU staff of Kevin Kaiser who is the VP of internal affairs and Morganna Sampson who is the VP of entertainment. The other candidate is  Joshua Mullan who will be running in student politics for the first time.

Mullan, a graduate of the fitness and health promotion  program is now enrolled in his 2nd year of massage therapy and he wanted to be an inspiration to others on why running for president,

” I was approached by a few people and they said maybe you should run. I never thought of it before but then I thought of the inspiration about it and I want to help other people. I have had an incredible experience at Fanshawe and that is what I want to give to other students.”  Mullan heavily explained in his presidential campaign speech about the new health and fitness centre  opening next year and to create a healthy Fanshawe.

For Morganna Sampson, her platforms are to tackle Fanshawe parking, lack of food options, and to create more student study space in the campus. As for Kevin Kaiser who next year will be his 5th at the school, the main focus in his speech is to assist with international students and working hard for his students with his slogan being, ‘let me be tired for you!’.

The Fanshawe Student Union elections being through March 6th to the 9th where you can vote on Fanshawe online.


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