Local break dance crew helps 5 year old battle leukemia

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Ill at Will teaches children the basics of hip-hop and break dance, but also the importance of giving back to the community.

The break dance crew has been together for 10 years. The crew hosts weekly classes every Tuesday and Sunday at O.N.E. Studio downtown London for children in the community.

The Lead Instructor and Co-Founder of O.N.E. Break Program, Jim Han, says, “The number one lesson we teach our students is self confidence and also being able to freely express yourself. If you have confidence in being yourself, it really ties into how you can carry yourself in life situations.”

Matthew Meaney, 5 year old battling cancer.

Matthew Meaney, 5 year old battling cancer.

Ill at Will is raising donations for a little boy close to the dance crew who has been battling leukemia.

Han preaches to his class, “There’s always got to be someone somewhere in some place that don’t have it as good or well as you do.”

Matthew Meaney is a five-year old boy fighting cancer.

Matthew’s mom says that he has tackled the disease with a smile on his face since day one.

Han explains, “Matthew and his family have been in the hospital for quite some time so we’re looking to fundraise some additional donations that we can contribute to the family.”

Donations will be put towards Matthew’s medical path and future.

Ill at Will is hosting a community workshop Saturday March 4th at the Central Children’s Library from 3:00-4:00pm.

Everyone is welcome and no registration is required. This is one of many workshops the dance crew will host to help Matthew fight cancer.

To donate to #MatthewsFight, click https://fundrazr.com/matthewsfight

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