NDP leadership race heats up

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NDP Leadership Race

In 2011, The NDP soared to official opposition under the leadership of Jack Layton. In 2015, the party was knocked back down to third part status.

As a result, leader Tom Mulcair was forced out, and the party is now in search of its next leader.

Here is London, opinion among local New Democrats is divided.

One candidate seems to be getting a lot of attention though: Charlie Angus.

Kevin Dunklee said he joined the party specifically to support Angus:

“I was really disappointed in 2015, I felt like the party lost its voice and I didn’t have a place to put my vote. But I feel Charlie has a real opportunity to build a party that is capable of standing up for working class issues and finally form government.”

Angus is currently has been a stalwart of the party for over a decade. He was first elected as MP for Timmons – James Bay in 2004 and has subsequently been reelected four times.

In 2015, he was appointed the party’s critic for northern and aboriginal affairs. Now he is running to be its next leader.

Robert Spencer is a long time party member who has worked on a number of campaigns.

He still supports Mulcair as leader, but says Angus is the candidate to beat.

“In a perfect world, I think Tom should stay on as leader…but if I was a betting man, I would pick Charlie to take it. He has been with the party since forever and has the energy and dedication to take it.”

Angus is joined by MPs Peter Jullians of New Westminster – Burnaby and Niki Ashton MP for Churchill as well as Guy Caron.

Prospective candidate MPP Jagmeet Singh is set to join the race any day.

A date has yet to be set for a leadership convention.

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