‘Brewfing’ London’s latest outlawed act

London, ON, Canada / 106.9 The X

Partying on your roof is now illegal in the Forest city.

That act, aptly coined ‘brewfing’, has been added to the list of prohibited factors that create a nuisance party.

While the topic has been one of interest for city hall for a while, it’s only now that serious actions is being taken.

Previously, around Homecoming and St. Patrick’s Day celebrations, London Police found themselves often insisting that mass amounts of students get down from the roofs of homes.

So how does the targeted demographic feel about the bylaw?

Turns out, they aren’t too upset.

Robert Beemish is the President of the London chapter of the Zeta Psi fraternity.

He says that their organization doesn’t support ‘brewfing’ at all.

“I think it can be a bad thing for sure,” Beemish says. “Thankfully here we have a lot of guys that are aware of risk management, and they know when they’re drinking to check themselves, and if you are drinking you probably shouldn’t be on the roof.”

Beemish also doesn’t think that City Hall is overstepping their boundaries in enforcing the bylaw.

“If the city is getting involved, were not against that,” says Beemish. “It sucks that it will change the scene a little bit, but I think it’s within their realm to take care of it if they feel like it’s a big enough issue.”

The London Police and Bylaw enforcement officers have voiced that they would rather not impose fines or charges on those not following the bylaw, but now with the authority, they will not hesitate to take action to keep partiers safe.

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